This practical course contains 20 modules - more then 90 of our most frequently sought after therapy resources - arranged in a developmental sequence. Tried and tested in our busy speech pathology clinic, and used by speech pathologists and teachers from all around the world, these resources form a self-paced structured program suitable for parents to work through with their preschoolers - especially for those who need a bit of extra support.

This course is designed primarily for preschoolers aged 36 months or older who are already speaking in 3-5 (or more) word phrases. If your preschooler is not talking at all, or using only single words or occasional 2 word phrases, we recommend first consulting with a local certified practising speech pathologist who can help using early language stimulation and child-led strategies. You can read more about this type of therapy by following this link to our clinic website.

We hope you find this course helpful in supporting your child to get ready for big school!

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